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“I quickly realized how amazing Sandfield is. Not only the outdoor facility is amazing – the garden is like a park, children’s dream. Especially in summer when children spend there the whole day, digging, playing in sand, climbing trees and having millions of adventures.


My son has a great interest in nature now – picking up every worm, collecting leaves and planting vegetables in our garden. His brother joins him often during school holidays and they both love it. They come back home telling me all about the fantastic time they had in the nursery. They love camp fires and trips to the woods. I have to also highlight that since he started in Sandfield a year and a half ago – he hasn't been sick once. Spending his days outside definitely improved his immune system."


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Outdoor exercises are great but intellectual activities are important too. That was my worry at first - will Sandfield work on writing and reading as much as on the physical development and independence? My worries were completely unfounded. I quickly noticed that he has learnt all the letters, loves books and became very creative in any activity.”  Romana"

“Outdoor nursery philosophy is what brought us to Sandfield, we had tried other local providers but they did not have the whole package. Climbing trees and experiencing ones own personal risk limits are often unteachable, yet fundamental. Outside of the play aspects and benefits, some of the universal and social benefits I have seen in my daughter is; a real respect for trees, plants, and nature. My daughter notices litter and unsafe objects outdoors, she appreciates gardens, she is unafraid of rain or frost, warm or cold. She accepts nature in its many forms. Stones and sticks provide hours of play, her imagination is without limits and I have seen her levels of creativity increase dramatically in 6 months.


My daughter can now hold pens and pencils and writes letters of her name confidently using finger/thumb grasp. In the 6 months since joining Sandfield she is now always looking for paper and pen to write or draw something, with many drawings, markings and writings carried out in school and coming home daily.  


I feel part of a community at Sandfield, myself and some of the other mums have met up with our children for play dates and without our children for dinner, I have made new friends. I feel welcome to arrive at Sandfield at any time of day, if that is to collect my daughter or drop her off, there is an acceptance of family and routine in its many forms.”   Donna